Contacted two friends and made them aware of the help we received from Bank of England as they will be contacting Bank of England also. Very trust worthy. When we were told we would receive a call or documents they always followed through. We have empowered our lives by making the positive choices provided by Bank of England. We have always paid high mortgage interest rates until Bank of England came into our life. We are now saving money for the first time in our life. We knew we were on the right path when we respected and put in a position to move forward. We were guided every step of the way.

The world is full of scam artist and do not have your best interest at heart. The Bank of England have always had our best interest at hand and have proven it and saved us from the scam artist. Thank you Bank of England.
lrodgers Jeannie
Closed refinance loan with Lamont Kennedy
Attention Anyone Buying A House!!! If anyone is looking for a Mortgage Company Lender, this guy was great, professional and always replies when you bug them asking "what's up and why are banks so slow?"... After going through one company and hearing I couldn't get approved (smh) I wasted 6 months until a friend gave me Michael Kopay number... I'm telling you guys this guy is the type of guy you want doing your loan, not the type that sometimes emails you back or calls ya here or there. He literally never ignored or forgot to reply... Also they were half the price of other lenders! So if youre looking for a house and need a loan call him and let him get it done for you!
Jerimiah Wells
Purchase in Michigan
I wanted to personally thank you for the wonderful service you provided me with in the process of purchasing my new home. When we first spoke, I informed you that I was currently in process with another bank trying to obtain a mortgage and I must close within 30 days due to our purchase agreement. You reassured me that I should not worry and that we can close in 30 day or less. As a man of your word, I am now in my new home within less than 30 days. I have to admit that my realtor and I were doubtful about changing companies and working with a Mortgage Banker from another state.

I also appreciate that saved me over $6,000.00 in closing costs and you had me locked in at a lower interest rate of 3.25% instead of a 3.75% which I was receiving from the other mortgage banker I was dealing with. I was very pleased that I was always able to reach you at any time of the day or night and if you did miss my call you were very prompt in returning my phone call. You truly are very knowledgeable in the mortgage field and do a great job of representing Bank of England.

I look forward to working with you on future businesses and will be referring all of my friends, family and colleagues to you so that they can receive outstanding service that I received.
David & Martha
I just wanted to let you know that I have had the pleasure of working with Joseph and his team at Bank of England during my refinance process. I have found that they have a quick approval process and a very quick close time. Joseph’s incredible knowledge of the mortgage industry combined with tireless tenacity is something every home owner or home owner to be can ask for because it’s an unbeatable combination.

Thank you Joseph for all hard work it has been a great pleasure working with you. I highly recommend your services and will direct all of my family and friends to you with any future mortgage desires.
Frank & Barbara
South Carolina
Joseph is the best mortgage banker we have ever dealt with. We have had the pleasure of working very closely with Joseph on a multiple purchases for many different clients. We have been real estate brokers for 15 years and have dealt with many mortgage bankers. Joseph’s knowledge of financing and the ability to answer questions with confidence and work ethic to make sure every deal closes is what sets him apart from everyone else. He is extremely responsive to calls and emails.

One of the best things about working with Joseph is his personality. He is fun to work with on what has become an extremely difficult and stressful process of being approved for a loan! Joseph makes sure that you are always at ease and has backup plans ready for anything that may try to slow down the process.

We will continue to work with Joseph and will refer everyone we know to him. Great job Joseph!!
Niran & Chris Bahoora
(Realtors) The Bahoora Team, Real Estate One
Jason, we thank you for all you have done for us.” Let’s keep In touch! You guys are awesome!!!
Jim & Pat
Lenore, ID
We would highly recommend the "Bank Of England" to anyone who has upcoming mortgage needs. The company processed our mortgage in a very expedient manner. The company also uses very sophisticated computer methods in filling our required paperwork. We would also like to highly recommend working with Michael Kopay, as he provided extremely outstanding services. Michael is very professional and very easy to work with. Michael always responded to our questions and needs in a very timely manner. Michael explained mortgage concepts in easy to understand phone dialog and correspondence. Once again, we would highly recommend the "Bank Of England" to anyone for their mortgage needs, and we highly recommend working with Michael Kopay to fulfill your needs before, during and after the mortgage process.
Dave and Jan Vargas
Only knowing Mena for a less than two months, I am happy & proud to say that I’ve referred him two clients in that short amount of time. I’ve been extremely impressed with his positive attitude and the communication aspect has gone above and beyond my expectations. Whether it’s by phone, text or email, Mena has constantly responded in a timely manner and has never left me in the dark with regard to any of my questions or status updates.

While showing homes on a Sunday afternoon, my client decided she wanted to make an offer, only to find out that her loan officer had left his place of employment. Needing a whole new pre-approval letter, my client scrambled to find someone who answered their phone on a Sunday. Mena not only answered his phone but also had a pre-approval letter in my email within less than an hour, and when I needed some clarification that same evening, he responded within minutes to my email. As a Realtor, many of my days are chaotic – I spend a lot of time on the road and I have constant deadlines to keep up with and remember; Mena really helps with that burden because I am not having to constantly call and leave multiple voicemails when I have a question or need a pre-approval letter. I’ve been truly impressed and plan on referring his services for a very long time!
Lindsay Sontag
Realtor / Manager
My wife and I just closed on the purchase of our new home in March and TERRY KASHAT brought peace of mind to the whole transaction. I am so thankful we had a true professional by our side that really knows how to take care of his clients and his business. Going above and beyond my expectations, Terry was patient with everyone involved and knowledgeable through every step in the buying process. If you need financing, refinancing, or have any questions related to any loan or mortgage, Terry is your Man!
Alex Salmu
Closed on a New Home Purchase in West Bloomfield, MI during 03/2014 with Terry Kashat