Terry is a shining example of what it means to get the job done right. He possesses a powerful sense of personal & business ethics and quickly became a Top Producer upon entering the Mortgage Business in 2009.

Terry comes from Humble Beginnings and began working in physical labor at the age of 14. He later challenged himself to study in his interest of Architecture at Lawrence Tech University. It was then that Terry decided to take it to the next level in the sales arena. He believes in the value of education and more importantly in the power of educating yourself, “As they say . . . Knowledge is Power.”

He is known for a certain wow factor for being able to look at a problem from the perspective of a challenge. “By looking at roadblocks as challenges rather than issues or problems, it changes everything . . . It’s a Game Changer! These so called roadblocks now become challenges, they change into something that you must overcome, and I enjoy overcoming challenges. From the challenge perspective I’m able to keep myself, my clients, and my associates calm & collected. In turn we SUCCEED.” Combining that with being adept in innovation, he increased efficiency for himself and his associates.

Terry’s goal is simple, “To get the best deal tailored to my clients specific goals, that goal comes naturally but for me I have to take it a step further. I want my clients to remember me for the unique service, professionalism, and peace of mind I offer because that IS priceless.”

Terry Kashat


I love Life & a Good Conversation.
I like to raise the bar and my greatest competitor is myself.
Some say Soccer, others say Fútbol . . . the sure thing is that 2014 FIFA World Cup is upon us!
Nature, Architecture, & Innovation are but a few of my passions.
Health is Wealth.
All disclosures aside, I do enjoy a good drink! My poison of choice . . . Premium Vodka on the rocks with a Lime & Lemon Wedge and if I could only have one wedge then I’ll take the Lime. 2nd Place . . . Premium Cognac neat and in a snifter.


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