I’ve been in the mortgage industry originating and helping families with their mortgages since the age of 20. After closing hundreds of mortgages, my main focus is to be sure each person I help has an experience nothing short of greatness. I’ve purchased my own home and I saw first-hand what it was like to go through the whole nerve racking process. It was extremely eye-opening for me to realize what I could do to be better for my own clients. I like to believe I’m a person with very positive intentions and ethics. I’m all about telling you what you need to know, even though it’s not always what you want to hear. You can rest assure that when you’re working with me, you’ll always receive my best!

My move to Bank of England was a huge game changer. The company’s integrity is in line with my own. They are able to provide what I need to be sure I can deliver on the mortgages I work on. An exceptional processing team, phenomenal pricing and support, and a sense of urgency with every mortgage is exactly what a lending company needs to be successful.

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When I’m not at work, I’m most all about my hobbies. Favorite of my hobbies would be sleep, when I can actually find time for it.
I come from a pretty good sized family and friends so close they are considered family. We are and always have been very competitive. Whenever we can, we get together and have a good time whether it be basketball, football, bowling, golfing, etc. – we’re always up for the challenge. Family, friendly competition, and of course some good music is all I need to keep me going!


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